Schoolgirls memories

Small samplers from France and Au Ver à Soie silk threads

For a year 2023 filled with small pleasures.


Each month an ephemeral box will be offered for sale.


If you wish, you can subscribe to it. In this case do not hesitate to contact me by email.

Each box will be offered at a fixed price of 55 euros (VAT included).


And here is what each box will contain:


1 The little sampler

* the pattern of a small French sampler and the necessary Soie d'Alger

* a needle n°28 and a needle n°10 nicely presented

* an illustrated postcard of the sampler of the month

* a spool of ribbon (2 meters)


2 Au Ver à Soie silk subscription

* an assortment of 5 Soie d'Alger in a different color harmony each month

* a matching Soie 1003 

* a matching Soie Perlée


3 The embroiderers’ gourmet break

* a tea bag (or rooibos or infusion) from my selection "On the silk and tea route"

* a delicacy


All in a box with a brand new decor!

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